High demands are often made on the coupling. Whether large offsets, high temperatures, vacuum applications or use in systems under adverse conditions. The right choice of coupling is decisive for all of this in order to be able to guarantee a smooth process and to avoid damage to the machine or even failure.

This is exactly where our Servo Lamellar Coupling (SCL)

Servo Lamellar Coupling are available with Clamping hub or with conical Clamping ring

    • High torsional stiffness
    • Low inertia
    • Backlash free
    • Low imbalance
    • Temperature range: -30 to + 130 ° C
    • Lamella pack: Made of highly elastic spring steel
    • Hubs and spacer: aluminum


Two coupling hubs manufactured with high precision, which are connected to the plate pack and the intermediate piece by means of spacer sleeves and high-strength screws.

Also available in a single cardanic design.

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