Backlash free precision couplings SCL / Disk Coupling

Backlash free precision couplings SCL

High demands are often made on the coupling. Whether large offsets, high temperatures, vacuum applications or use in systems under adverse conditions. The right choice of coupling is decisive for all of this in order to be able to guarantee a smooth process and to avoid damage to the machine or even failure. This is […]

Test Stand Couplings

Test Stand Couplings

The development of modern drive trains for the automotive industry presents designers with great challenges. Increasingly complex designs and calculations are necessary to ensure that the individual components are developed to meet very specific requirements. Test stands play an important role in this area. The components used on them, such as couplings, often have to […]


Sensor technology - intelligent, flexible and easy upgradable

Smart and safe into the future. It works now. With the intelligent coupling from R + W Antriebs-elemente – our innovative answer to the modern requirements that digitization, automationand the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) bring with them. As a technology leader and specialist in metal bellows couplings, it was clear to us at an early stage: […]

Extruders require special protection

Extruder is a term commonly used in process engineering. There are two main types of extruder, categorized according to the different processes involved: processing extruders, which are normally used for shaping material, and conditioning extruders, which are used for chemical and physical modifications. During the extrusion process, a wide range of solid and liquid materials […]

Medical: Evolving to resist changing markets

Organizational and product innovation to reposition and continue to grow. With the help of advanced, fast and super precise machinery. Thus the sector will be able to withstand the challenges of post Covid. Medical devices is one of the sectors that in Italy has always enjoyed good health and that has also been able to keep up […]

Where do couplings used?

EVERYWHERE!! We clarify … Mechanical engineering and its applications are multifaceted. Every application is special and requires a perfect machine design. Individual components in the system must also be optimally designed for this. In the field of couplings, R + W offers free advice from technical sales and its own design department. Where are couplings used at all? […]

Industrial safety coupling in a confined space

Industrial safety coupling in a confined space

Even if a standard coupling is not enough – R + W Antriebselemente GmbH offers the right safety coupling for every application. Safety clutches perform important functions in a wide variety of machines and systems. The basic requirements are always the same: they have to work absolutely reliably and efficiently. After all, safety clutches serve a very […]


Get ready for Industry 4.0 – with the Intelligent Coupling R+W Antriebselemente is bringing a revolutionary data measuring unit to the market in the form of the Intelligent Coupling, which allows users to see relevant data from their machine at all times. Highly accurate measurement data is recorded directly from the drive train and wirelessly transmitted […]

Safety for machines and expensive machine parts

Safety for machines and expensive machine part

When it comes to protecting investments and avoiding downtimes, fractions of a second are crucial. Mechanical safety couplings not only give users a valuable head start, they also make an important contribution to increasing process safety and score with their ease of use. The classic model range ( SK / ES) is suitable for torques between 0.1 and 2,800 Nm. The various […]

Shaft Couplings – Exact & free of play for every application

Shaft Couplings - Exact and free of play for every application

A coupling connects Put simply, a coupling is nothing more than a connection between two shafts. But shaft couplings can do even more – they transmit the torque, can compensate and protect axial, lateral and angular shaft displacements and vibrations, selectively, expensive machine parts against overload. Torque transmission Depending on the application, R + W advises on […]