When it comes to protecting investments and avoiding downtimes, fractions of a second are crucial. Mechanical safety couplings not only give users a valuable head start, they also make an important contribution to increasing process safety and score with their ease of use.

The classic model range ( SK / ES) is suitable for torques between 0.1 and 2,800 Nm. The various models in the series are available for direct or indirect connection, with a clamping hub, conical clamping ring or feather key connection as well as a torsionally stiff metal bellows or a vibration-damping elastomer version. Depending on the requirements, the model series is also available in different functions – with angle-synchronous re-engagement, as a snap-in clutch, in a release version and as a locked version. In order to meet the constantly changing market requirements, such as lower moments of inertia, higher operating speeds or more efficient processes, R + W also has lightweight safety couplings (model series SL), which are particularly characterized by their high power density. The SL series is also available in various functions and in different versions for use in direct or indirect drives.

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The free specialist books "Precision Couplings and Cardan Shafts" and "Safety and Overload Couplings" for training and further education of the industry, especially drive technology

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