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Mechanical engineering and its applications are multifaceted. Every application is special and requires a perfect machine design. Individual components in the system must also be optimally designed for this. In the field of couplings, R + W offers free advice from technical sales and its own design department.

Where are couplings used at all?

Couplings are used in automation, E.g. B. used in gripper systems.

Elastomer couplings made of high-strength aluminum dampen vibrations and equal shaft displacements in machine tool construction.

In packaging systems , the direct or indirect drive of the machine should be protected in the event of a collision or overload.

ST safety couplings from R + W have been integrated into the latest generation of tunnel boring machines .

R + W safety couplings meet the most important requirements such as B. Freedom from wear even under the most extreme loads in the steel industry

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