Even if a standard coupling is not enough – R + W Antriebselemente GmbH offers the right safety coupling for every application.

Safety clutches perform important functions in a wide variety of machines and systems. The basic requirements are always the same: they have to work absolutely reliably and efficiently. After all, safety clutches serve a very important purpose: They protect the drive train from damage and minimize downtimes. Users therefore necessarily need a coupling solution that exactly meets the needs of their application. The R + W Antriebselemente GmbH offers the right safety clutch for the particular application.

At R + W, the path to the ideal safety coupling usually begins with a consultation with the planning designer. This first exchange of information is an important part of the process. If a standard coupling is not sufficient due to a special application requirement, the engineers at R + W will design a special version that takes into account the individual performance characteristics or dimensions

Tailor-made special solution

For example, R + W has developed a special safety coupling for a test bench of a customer from the automotive sector. Especially in such applications, special clutches are predominantly used, since very special requirements, such as size, torque or speeds, are often required here. The result of the collaboration is a further development of an industrial safety coupling from the ST series. This model series has robust switching segments that are evenly distributed around the circumference and are designed for particularly high torques. This was also important for the special version required, because this should not only be up to max. Run reliably at 7,000 revolutions per minute, but also safely disconnect the input and output side at a shutdown torque of 2,000 Newton meters in the event of an overload.

However, the special design is more compact than the standard ST couplings from R + W. This allows integration in the smallest of spaces. According to customer requirements, the special solution has a power density of up to 3,000 Newton meters at max. 7,000 revolutions per minute. In addition to the limited installation dimensions, this also takes into account the connection to various other components such as brake discs or special flange connections for measuring devices. In contrast to a previously used competitor product, the additional components were integrated in the planning by R + W. A built-in plate pack can also compensate for certain axis offsets.

Limiting Torques safely

However, industrial safety couplings are not only used in test bench applications. The couplings are justified in all machines where high torques are reliably limited in the event of a collision and thus further drive train components, such as expensive motors or gears, must be protected.

R + W safety couplings of the ST series work as spring-loaded form-fit couplings. The torques that can be transmitted are largely determined by the number and bolt circle diameter of the switching segments. In the event of an overload, the balls, which are preloaded within the switching segments, move axially out of the calottes and cause permanent activation of the input and output side. The re-engagement is done simply by axial pressure on the switching plunger. The preset disengagement torque can be adjusted later in a few simple steps if necessary.

Standardized variety of variants

Sometimes custom-made products and new developments create new standard series. Over the years, R + W has developed a wide range of safety couplings with which many applications can be operated directly. In the area of ​​industrial safety couplings (model series ST), R + W offers various series, which are available in many sizes, variants and connection options. For example, these can be obtained for indirect drives with a mounting flange (ST1 with feather key connection or STN with conical clamp connection) or as a finished shaft-shaft connection in a torsionally rigid (ST4 with flexible tooth coupling) as well as in a torsionally elastic version (ST2 with elastic coupling) (lead image). Depending on the model and series, these torques can limit up to 250,000 Nm.

In order to meet the respective requirements of the different branches and industries, R + W also has other model series of safety couplings . The classic series (SK / ES) is suitable for torques between 0.1 and 2,800 Nm. Couplings of this series are available for both direct and indirect drives and can be connected using clamping hubs, a conical clamping ring or a key. They are offered, among other things, as torsionally stiff metal bellows (SK) or as vibration-damping elastomer versions (ES) and, depending on requirements, are also available in different functions – with angle-synchronous re-engagement, as a detent coupling, in an activation version and as a locked version.

For applications in which a low weight and a low moment of inertia play a decisive role, R + W also offers lightweight models (SL series), which can also be obtained in many different designs and sizes.

However, safety couplings are only a part of R + W’s large product and service portfolio. The developer and manufacturer of precision and industrial couplings also has other coupling series that have been developed for the most varied of challenges in a wide variety of applications. The coupling specialist also offers miniature, metal bellows, plate, elastomer and flexible toothed couplings as well as cardan shafts for bridging large shaft distances. The more specifically the products are adapted to the respective requirements, the better they contribute to safe and efficient processes in practice. An important basis for the development of new clutch solutions is therefore the intensive preoccupation with individual customer needs. As a result, R + W is continuously expanding and developing its product range.

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